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YES, this is good for Idaho Children

The intent of this legislation is to expand the capacity of career technical education (CTE) in
Idaho middle and high schools (grades 7-12), particularly in rural and remote communities.

The legislation is designed to incentivize districts to create programs that prepare students to
meet local and regional industry and workforce needs.

One component of the program is the Idaho Career Ready Students (ICRS) Program. It will be
created as a capital fund for Idaho public secondary schools. This fund will be established in
the State Department of Education and administered by the Idaho Career Ready Students
Program Council.

Another component updates added-cost funding, which will now have a foundation in Idaho
law. By placing added-cost funding in chapter 22, Title 33, it provides ongoing support for
existing CTE programs statewide, support for schools which receive ICRS grants in the coming
years and provides a level of transparency for how funds are allocated. The current allocation
for secondary CTE funds is insufficient and does not fully fund all approved CTE programs,
leaving communities to bridge the gap or forego needed industry and workforce training

The fiscal impact is $50 million, which consists of$45 million to be deposited into an Idaho
Career Ready Students Program Fund for one-time capital projects and $5 million in the
Division of Career Technical Education budget for added-cost programs, with ongoing

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