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YES, this is good for Idaho Children

This legislation defines a career exploration experience for 7th or 8th grade students to assist them in
identifying potential interests and resulting career paths.

Students are only required to take the course one time prior to their 9th grade year.

It complements and strengthens existing individual career pathway requirements.

This kind of discussion /class is very useful before students get to high school because it makes them
aware of the minimum requirements to graduate high school versus a more rigorous/purposeful
course load to give them options after high school.

Families who have not attended college/post-secondary schooling, are unaware of the admission
requirements and resume building needed to apply to post-secondary institutions. This would help
students with resources that they may otherwise not know about.

The goal is not to fix the career aspirations by 8th grade, but rather to open up the possibilities, so

they can explore their many interests along the way, and then pursue academic classes and extra-
curricular activities to further explore those interests.

The adults in a student’s life-family, teachers, counselors, coaches, mentors-are there to help channel
ideas and interests into personal goals. Starting these conversations early – before high school, can
help students be more directed and focused in their high school careers, aiming for classes and skills
needed to achieve their goals.

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