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NO, this bill is NOT good for Idaho Children

Denying children and families access to information and educational materials IS

bad for children.

It impairs the ability of children to learn about things that are and should be
available in a public school or school library, including, but not limited to the classic
art of Greek and Roman masters (i.e. Venus di Milo) or of the Renaissance (the
David, Venus Rising).

It would be elitist that exposure to these cultural wonders would only be available
to affluent families who could buy the materials themselves, rather than using
public resources such as libraries.

This will cost libraries staff and funds to set up “solutions” to problems that do not
exist. (Children are not harmed by seeing classic art or by reading about gay
families.) Children will be harmed because those who are marginalized
(disabilities, people of color, LGBTQ+) will not be able to access materials that they
can identify with and find community.

This bill harms children, denies parents control over their children’s education and
is a coercive attempt to address a non-problem.

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