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NO, this bill is NOT good for Idaho Children

Idaho’s Immunization Information System (IRIS) is essential for providers and
parents to determine which immunizations are due and when. To change
the IRIS system to "opt in" would destabilize the system and put all Idahoans
at increased risk of incomplete immunization data. This bill will limit the
freedom of Idaho parents to protect their children, families, and community.

Idaho's Immunization Information System (IRIS) is a confidential, computerized database that helps providers and families record and track immunization doses.

Choice already exists as an integral part of the IRIS system. This bill will limit Idahoan’s freedom to protect their children from preventable diseases.

The information in IRIS is available only to authorized healthcare providers, childcare providers, and schools.

Most families no longer keep paper records of immunizations, making it difficult to know a patient’s immunization status if they ever change providers.

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