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YES, This Bill is Good for Idaho Children

The Maternal Mortality Review Committee is a state level, multidisciplinary committee that meets at least annually to evaluate maternal deaths that occurred in the state in the past year. The benefits are clear: It helps keep analyses and recommendations local and allows for timely and collaborative action at the state and local levels.

Every year the MMRC develops a Maternal Deaths in Idaho Annual Report.

MMRCs play a critical role in maternal health data collection efforts.

Having an Idaho specific MMRC allows the committee to identify health system factors contributing to these tragic outcomes in our state.

The report does not identify the women who died, or the health care providers
involved, but it does provide an overview of the cases and factors that contributed to the deaths.

Nearly 1 in 4 pregnancy related deaths in Idaho occurred between 43 and 365
days after birth. Without this review committee, we would not be able to address these tragic deaths.

We have some concerns about MMRC being housed under the Board of
Medicine, where there is a lack of experience in case review, data acquisition, and systemic review.

This report can be used to make recommendations to prevent maternal deaths and keep Idaho families healthy.

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