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H415 - Concealed Weapons on School Property

NO, this bill is NOT good for Idaho's children

Allowing concealed carry on school property will endanger our children. They will be more vulnerable to violence and accidental/involuntary discharge of firearms. This removes local control from the local school board and violates the Parental Rights Act.

• Law enforcement and security professionals including, School Resource Officers, Police
Officers, Police Chiefs and Sheriffs, the US Department of Homeland Security and the US
Secret Service all agree that school safety and security depends upon REMOVING and
managing risky people and the easy access to firearms.

• Parents and Principals will not know who has a weapon on any given day or have any idea
about that employee’s training and readiness for an active shooter situation. By
withholding this information from all parents, this bill conflicts with the Idaho Parental
Rights Act.

• This bill results in untrained amateurs with concealed weapons, in an active shooter
situation, on our school grounds.

• School Boards already have the authority to allow armed staff. This should be left to local
school boards and local control.

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