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H581 - Teachers using classroom management methods

YES, this Bill is good for Idaho's children

This bill provides clear guidelines for the use of physical escort as a classroom management technique in Idaho schools, emphasizing safety, proper training, documentation, and the establishment of policies and procedures to ensure responsible implementation.

• It defines physical escort as a temporary touching or holding of the wrist, hand, arm,
shoulder or back for the purpose of directing a student to a safe location. This ensures
the safety of the student, as well as the other students/employees in the room.

• The use of physical escort shall be considered a permissible classroom management
technique when employed solely for the purpose of ensuring the safety of the student
being escorted, as well as the safety of other students and employees within the vicinity.

• Physical escort shall not involve the use of force, restraint, or any action that could cause
harm or injury to the student.

• School employees shall receive appropriate training on the proper use of physical escort
as a classroom management technique, including de-escalation strategies and
alternatives to physical intervention.

• School districts shall establish clear policies and procedures regarding the use of
physical escort, ensuring that it is used only when necessary and in accordance with
state law and best practices in education and child welfare.

It further clarifies when action is needed to terminate a physical restraint or seclusion.
• When a student (who has been restrained/secluded) is no longer placing themselves,
employees, students or others in imminent danger, they may be removed from the

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