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H633 - Maternal Postnatal Coverage

YES, this Bill is good for Idaho's children

Pregnancy-related complications can be a threat to the life and health of a mother well after delivery. Extending Medicaid coverage to a full twelve months will help ensure new moms have access to the necessary follow-up care to stay healthy.

• Too many Idaho mothers are not receiving the routine prenatal and postpartum care that is
crucial to healthy moms and babies.

• Providing women with comprehensive and consistent health coverage leads to improved
preventive care, reductions in maternal mortality rates, and improvements in birth outcomes.

• 56% of pregnancy-related deaths in Idaho occurred between 43 and 365 days after birth.
Having consistent health coverage and care following pregnancy would take a significant step
in preventing these deaths.

• 88% of maternal deaths in Idaho were found to be preventable.

• Medicaid is even more vital for rural parts of the state; in 2022, Medicaid covered 48% of
births in Lemhi County, 47% in Shoshone County, and 52% in Lincoln County.

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