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H635 - School Board can decommission school libraries

NO, this Bill is NOT good for Idaho's children

As part of Idaho code, School Boards of Trustees (elected) have obligations to their communities, in determining such things relating to schools as the hours of the school day, governance of the schools, curriculum to be used, proscribing rules of behavior, and equipping and maintaining a suitable school library. This bill gives the School Board of Trustees the authority to NOT equip/maintain a school library.

From Idaho Code:
“...except that it shall be in the discretion of the board of trustees of each school district to determine whether to equip and maintain such a library or libraries in any school or schools, and such board may authorize any school under its authority.”

H635 goes against the importance of kids having access to books! And books that may expose them to differing points of view. What is a school without a library? Trying to limit access to certain books by eliminating the entire library is a solution too far from the norm.

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