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S1328 - Homeless Shelters and Youth

YES, This Bill is Good for Idaho's Children

S1328 would protect youth shelters from criminal liability for sheltering youth as long as:

(1) The youth consents to receive shelter or care.

(2) The shelter is unable to contact the parents or the child refuses to share their information.

(3) The shelter notifies local law enforcement of the child’s whereabouts.

This bill acts as a defense in the circumstance that shelters have made reasonable effort to contact a youth’s parent/guardian and ensures the well-being of Idaho children.
Context to consider:

• Youth may turn to shelters for a number of reasons, such as an unsafe living situation at home.

• Shelters occasionally must turn youth away in order to avoid criminal repercussions. With this bill in place, youth are ensured a safe place to stay when they need it, and shelters are legally protected.

• Children who have run away from home are more likely to put their well-being and safety at risk when they are unable to receive access to safe shelter and services.

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