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S1380 - Foster Care Ombudsman

YES, this Bill is good for Idaho's children

S1380 creates an independent and autonomous “Health and Social Services Ombudsman” with oversight specific to child welfare. There are many places where a child can “fall through the cracks” and this position will help to ensure that children in the Foster Care system will be advocated for, looked after properly, and their rights protected. This bill is good for Idaho kids.
The ombudsman will have statutory authority to receive, examine, and resolve complaints regarding cases involving:

1. Children in foster care

2. Children residing in Idaho residential treatment facilities

The ombudsman will function as a child welfare watchdog responsible for protecting the rights of Idaho’s most vulnerable children. The Appointed Ombudsman Will Be:

Independent - Free from outside control or influence

Impartial - Review complaints in an objective and fair manner

Confidential - Will not release any complaint information

Credible - Creates a credible review process of complaints

Safe - Protects complainants from retaliatory actions

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