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ICAP Board Meeting Recap, Dec 2020

Dear ICAP Board Members, Thank you so much for a great meeting last week. Attached are the meeting minutes as well as our updated board matrix. These are also available on our ICAP Google Drive. (If you do not have access, or have questions, please email Noreen.) Some follow up action items for the new year:

  • In order to effectively rate upcoming bills, we need a mechanism to have discussions. To this end, we will ask individual board members with expertise in the area to give a one-page summary on a potential bill that then can be taken to the group for discussion. If we do this, our bill rating process during session will be more efficient. Watch out for the first of these summaries in January.

  • I think we should take Patricia Kempthorne's recommendation very seriously, and use this time to create and strengthen partnerships. Start thinking about other organizations for potential collaboration.

  • Also start thinking about ways to get the word out about ICAP. Many thanks to Dr. Leon who has already been promoting ICAP during lectures to her local health community! Some ideas: Letter to the editor/guest opinion, reaching out to key legislators or committee chairpersons, helping with social media upkeep. Thanks to Staci for agreeing to help with this. For any of these ideas, we would be happy to do any of the "heavy lifting" or logistics.

It is so wonderful to be part of this positive force for change in our state. Thank you for your time, talents and enthusiasm for making it better for Idaho kids. Wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday season. Stay safe and keep connected. Best,

Noreen & Diane

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