New Reports: Tax Conformity and Rental Assistance

Idaho Center for Fiscal Policy, February 9, 2021

Lawmakers Choose To Leave Out Costly CARES Act Tax Break

Each year, policymakers decide whether to mirror changes to the federal tax code in the state tax code, a process known as "conformity." Conformity could have been very costly this year due to a CARES Act tax break for business owners who had not necessarily been impacted by the pandemic and the recession. In the video clip below - featuring policy analyst Kirsten Pochop and director Alejandra Cerna Rios - learn about how, in a rare move, the Idaho House approved a conformity bill that did not include this expensive tax break. The research the Center contributed to the dialogue can also be found in our report.

Center Report Illuminates Renter Challenges in Idaho

In December, Idaho received $176 million from the federal government for emergency rental and utility assistance. After delays in gaining initial approval from the budget-setting panel, yesterday the rental and utility assistance dollars moved a step closer to consideration by the full legislature. Due to pandemic-related income and employment loss, an estimated 34,000 Idaho renter households are at risk of eviction because of difficulty keeping up with the rent. The Center's report finds that by ensuring Idahoans can stay in their homes, the public and private sectors can avoid considerable costs in eviction and homelessness while keeping communities together. Center director Alejandra Cerna Rios breaks it down in the video clip.

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